Notek Makine

Notek Machine & Crane Systems

Notek, standard lifting and transportation solutions, as well as serial crane manufacturers can not respond and can not produce solutions for the process by project-specific applications to complete the whole process of turn-key.

It produces automation-based and innovative solutions for all sectors where removal and transportation systems are needed.

Who are we?

  • Founded in Izmir in 2016 with a team devoted to vince
  • A design that produces and produces.
  • A strong team with over 15 years of industry experience.
  • With over 60 years of experience GH Cranes partner of Turkey.
  • Service and sales teams in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara.
  • A solution to your every need for load handling.
Notek Makina

For us the success offers you good service

Notek Makine

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