Why Notek?

Our understanding of care.

At the heart of our approach to caring for your community is a comprehensive and systematic study supported by first-class tools and procedures. It is aimed to maximize the efficiency of your crane’s working time and to minimize the cost of the costs and to achieve the highest efficiency and material life.

Fast and Professional Service

Our service is right next to you with the privilege of instant intervention, diagnosis, analysis and usage based predictive maintenance. Transparent and shared information provides solution-oriented service and a unique customer experience.

Safety culture and registration

NOTEK does not have a job or emergency service that is more important than doing your job safely and correctly.

Customer focus

Our approach based on consultancy helps us gain a deep understanding of the procedures that need to be done.

Comprehensive offer

As NOTEK, we offer complete service programs and products to meet your needs.

Proximity to customers

At every point, we strive to be the largest, most comprehensive and leading crane service network and maintenance provider in all markets in the industry.


We are working with the best and most experienced teams to be the leader in our business. Our reasons for being with us are our commitment to growth and development.


Our international regulations and experience are at the forefront in every project designed to increase security and efficiency. It has first-class technical knowledge and support on our service.


Within the scope of the experience and maintenance agreement, we provide parts and equipment for each brand crane. The NOTEK experience is visible in all the brands we own and the installed facilities.


We strive to provide and support innovative products and services to be the industry leader in R & D and a pioneer in Smart Technologies.